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Assorted Rollers

We offer a wide selection of conveyor rollers, free and motorized rollers, plastic, steel and alloy rollers, and various rollers suitable for special or tough contions like oil-resistant, noise-absorbing, anticorrosive, heat-shrinkable & wear-resistant,etc, taper rollers and hard alloy roller.

Assorted Free Rollers

Mini Motorized Rollers

There are types, in diameters of f60 and f76
1). OD=f60: 30W, AC 3-phase 380V or AC 3-phase 220V, the length of roller durm >=265mm, finish: galvanized, plastic covered(OD=f65 with plastic cover), chromeplated, or customized.
2). OD=f76, 60W, 3-phase 380V or AC 3-phase 220V, the length of roller durm >=275mm, finish with galvanizing, plastic covering(OD=φ82 with plastic cover), chromeplate, or customizing.

Live Motorized Rollers

Oil-cooling Motorized Rollers

Oil-cooling motor rollers are cooled by oil, feature high efficiency, low noise and long life. There are diameters of f110, φ130, φ174, φ216, φ240, φ320 and φ400. Are widely used in automated conveying lines of electronics, food, postal, light industies, airport and docks.

Oil-Cooled Motor Rollers