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Lift Slide Parking Garage

Vertical lift-slide parking garage is maybe the most typical and versatile car-parking equipments today. It's an electrically controlled mechanical automobile parking structure, taking up minimal ground area and storing most cars in multiple levels, suitable to both large and small areas, usually in 4-level 3-row module with 9 parking slots. Such basic modular parking garages can then be assembled into 21, 33-slot parking garage, and also can easily to be converted into 13-, 17-, 25-slots garages with some minor changes.

Modular Lift-slide Parking Garage

Lift Slide Parking Garage, generally framed with steel structures, deals with the parking and retrieval of automobiles by the horizontal and vertical movements of the parking decks driven by motorized chains.

☆ Mobilize the constrained areas best, double and multiply the parking slots. ideal for communnities and and undergound garages upgrading.
Modular structure, convienient and versatile, applicable for various demands.
☆ PLC controlling -simple & easy to park or pick automobiles, just by push-button or read-cards.
☆ Can be installled underground, indoor or outdoors.
☆ Shall be installed beside lanes, the vehicles will be driven onto to the parking decks.

2-Level 5-Vehicles Parkin Garage

Lift Slide Parking Garage (2-Decker, 5-Slot)

4-Level 9-Automobiles Garage

Vertical Automobile Parking Garage(4-Decker, 9-Slot)