Professional Conveyor Equipments and Automatic Transporting System Manufacturer in China
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Industrial Conveying Systems

We've successfully been designing and manufacturing the whole conveying systems and automated production lines from many industries:
  • Electronic assembling industry;Motocycle assembling industry;
  • Automobiles making;Food processing factories;
  • Beer and drinks industries;Tobacco & cigarette
  • Logistic & warehousing industriesChemical industries
  • Lift Slide Car Parking Garage

Types of Conveyors:

  • Roller Conveyors
  • Belt Conveyors
  • Chain Conveyors - Slat/Apron Conveyors; Wire-mesh Conveyors

Conveying Solutions

  • Continuous Lift Conveyors;Overhead Conveyors
  • Non-powered Gravity Conveyors          • Flexible(Expandable) Conveyors
  • Air Conveyors• Diverting & converging

Conveying Modules

  • Conveyor gatesHelical/Modular Conveyor Curves
  • Incline Belt Conveyors

Note: The products, listed in the site for demonstration, are generally custom projects designed and made based on the specific requirements and factory layouts of certain clients. Specifications and drawings will be remade on each new project.