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Vertical Conveying Equipments

Vertical elevator equipments are motor-driven live conveyors, that vertically integrate the production lines and materials from different floors, divided into three types: (A). Continuous Elevator; (B). Reciprocating Vertical Conveyor; (C). Spiral Lift Conveyor.

(A) Continuous Elevator Conveyors

1. According to the input/output directions, there are Z-way, E-way, C-way and F-way. (as shown in the below photos.)
2. The conveyor travels non-stop in a single/reversible direction, not limited by conveying height.
3. Only available for package/box or unit material, with limit of minimum dimensions.
4. Usually single way conveying, but double-way available.
5. With a wide range of loading weight, the largest up to 2000Kg.
6. Match with the equipments at the input/output, to form a whole automated conveying system.
7. Compact and space-saving.
8. Safe, reliable and easy to maintain, at low operation cost.

Continuous Elevator Conveyors

(B) Reciprocating Vertical Conveyors

1. There are Z-way, C-way and E-way according to the input/output directions.
2. To realize the conveying of materials/products between landings by the vertically reciprocating movement of the elevator cabin. A variety of conveying equipments can be mounted in the elevator cabins to adapt to the equipments at the input/output.
3. Conveying both in the up and down trips of the elevator cabin, and realizing double-way transporting during each round trip of the cabin
4. A wide range of lift distance - though the higher it trips, the lighter weight it can load.
5. Versatile in layout - adjust the input/output directions to easily adapt to the factory layout.
6. A wide range of loading weight, with the largest up to 4000Kg.
7. Extra safety devices can be added to increase the security in operation.
8. Conveyed subjects includes packages, pallets, etc.

Reciprocating Roller Elevator
Reciprocating Chain Lift Conveyor

(C) Spiral Vertical Conveyor

1. Roller, slat, wire mesh, or belt can be chosen according to the conveyed subject.
2. Safe, efficient and really continuous conveying, best for conveying between floors/landings.
3. Simple structure, easy to maintain.
4. Versatile in layout, the feeding and pickup of material can be set to any direction.

Reciprocating Roller Elevator Mesh Spiral Elevator - Cooling Tower Belt Spiral Elevator Conveyor