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Chemical Industry

We develop conveying systems that meet the harsh conditions of chemical industry, antistatic and dust-free, acid/alkali resistant, heat/cold resistant, oil resistant and/or flame-resistant,etc, whether it's liquid, powder or lump. Custom conveyors may be built according to the specific products to be handled, with material strictly selected. These systems may include heavy-duty roller conveyor, belt conveyors, weighing hoppers, humidity tester, packing machine, labeling machines, etc.

Belt Conveyor for Toothpaste
Turn Roller Conveyors for Battery
Heavy-duty Conveyors

Toothpaste Conveyor
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Battery Curve Conveyor
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Heavy-duty Conveyor
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Roller Conveyors for Oil Barrels
Free Inclined Conveyors

Barrel Conveying System
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Chemicals Conveyor
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