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Wire-Mesh Conveyors

Wiremesh chain conveyor is driven by twin strands of chains throughout the passage, therefore can well prevent the deflection/slanting of belt during circulation that may occur on traditional belts. Metal wiremesh conveyors feature flat carrying surface, ability to stand strong impact or pull and good ventilation of the carrying surface, allowing free flow of air or liquid for drying or washing-down purposes. Easy to maintain, detach, and re-assemble, widely used for deepfreeze food, roasting, drying and electronics industries.

Chain Wire-Mesh Conveyors

Heat-resistant wiremesh, ovenproof Wiremesh for ovens/furnaces, drying wiremesh conveyors, cooling wiremesh conveyors, washing-down wire-mesh belts, etc. applications for common procedures like drying, steaming, frying, & freezing in food processing and cooling, spraying, cleansing and heat treatment in metallurgy.